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Figure 8 | Advances in Difference Equations

Figure 8

From: Calculation of vectorial derivatives for functions of a quaternion variable and their properties

Figure 8

Figures showing the size of the remainder term of \(D\sin (p)\) according to the range of \(x=S_{p}\) and \(y=|V_{p}|\) using Maple 20 performance. (a) Output of Maple 20 Plot3d of \(\frac{1}{y}\cos (x)\cosh (y)\) with \(x=-10\cdots 10, y=0\cdots 10\). For x within a certain interval, as the size of y decreases, the remainder term is approximated to zero. (b) Graph observed perpendicular to the xz plane with \(x = -10 \cdots 10, y = 0 \cdots 10\)

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