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  1. In this paper, we deal with Caputo-type fractional differential inequality where there is a low-order fractional derivative with the term polynomial source. We investigate the nonexistence of nontrivial global...

    Authors: Mohammed D. Kassim, Saeed M. Ali, Mohammed S. Abdo and Fahd Jarad
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:246
  2. The aim of this work is to establish results in fixed point theory for a pair of fuzzy dominated mappings which forms a rational fuzzy dominated V-contraction in modular-like metric spaces. Some results via a par...

    Authors: Tahair Rasham, Abdullah Shoaib, Choonkill Park, Ravi P. Agarwal and Hassen Aydi
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:245
  3. In this article, we debate the existence of solutions for a nonlinear Hilfer fractional differential inclusion with nonlocal Erdélyi–Kober fractional integral boundary conditions (FIBC). Both cases of convex- ...

    Authors: Adel Lachouri, Mohammed S. Abdo, Abdelouaheb Ardjouni, Bahaaeldin Abdalla and Thabet Abdeljawad
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:244
  4. In this manuscript, the existence theorem for a unique solution to a coupled system of impulsive fractional differential equations in complex-valued fuzzy metric spaces is studied and the fuzzy version of some...

    Authors: Humaira, Hasanen A. Hammad, Muhammad Sarwar and Manuel De la Sen
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:242
  5. In this paper, we establish some dynamic Hilbert-type inequalities in two independent variables on time scales by using the Fenchel–Legendre transform. We also apply our inequalities to discrete and continuous...

    Authors: A. A. El-Deeb, Saima Rashid, Zareen A. Khan and S. D. Makharesh
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:239
  6. In this paper, we extend existing population growth models and propose a model based on a nonlinear cubic differential equation that reveals itself as a special subclass of Abel differential equations of first...

    Authors: Benjamin Wacker and Jan Christian Schlüter
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:236
  7. The behavior of any complex dynamic system is a natural result of the interaction between the components of that system. Important examples of these systems are biological models that describe the characterist...

    Authors: Salih Djilali and Behzad Ghanbari
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:235
  8. In this paper, we aim to analyze the complicated dynamical motion of a quarter-car suspension system with a sinusoidal road excitation force. First, we consider a new mathematical model in the form of fraction...

    Authors: Dumitru Baleanu, Samaneh Sadat Sajjadi, Amin Jajarmi and Özlem Defterli
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:234
  9. By using a nonlinear method, we try to solve partial fractional differential equations. In this way, we construct the Laguerre wavelets operational matrix of fractional integration. The method is proposed by u...

    Authors: Nasser Aghazadeh, Amir Mohammadi, Ghader Ahmadnezhad and Shahram Rezapour
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:231
  10. This study investigates the dynamical behavior of a ratio-dependent Lotka–Volterra competitive-competitive-cooperative system with feedback controls and delays. Compared with previous studies, both ratio-depen...

    Authors: Ahmadjan Muhammadhaji, Azhar Halik and Hong-Li Li
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:230
  11. For a stochastic COVID-19 model with jump-diffusion, we prove the existence and uniqueness of the global positive solution. We also investigate some conditions for the extinction and persistence of the disease...

    Authors: Almaz Tesfay, Tareq Saeed, Anwar Zeb, Daniel Tesfay, Anas Khalaf and James Brannan
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:228
  12. The accuracy of analytical obtained solutions of the fractional nonlinear space–time telegraph equation that has been constructed in (Hamed and Khater in J. Math., 2020) is checked through five recent semi-analyt...

    Authors: Mostafa M. A. Khater, Choonkil Park, Jung Rye Lee, Mohamed S. Mohamed and Raghda A. M. Attia
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:227
  13. In this paper, we offer a new quantum integral identity, the result is then used to obtain some new estimates of Hermite–Hadamard inequalities for quantum integrals. The results presented in this paper are gen...

    Authors: Yi-Xia Li, Muhammad Aamir Ali, Hüseyin Budak, Mujahid Abbas and Yu-Ming Chu
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:225
  14. Two open problems recently proposed by Xi and Luo (Adv. Differ. Equ. 2021:38, 2021) are resolved by evaluating explicitly three binomial sums involving harmonic numbers, that are realized mainly by utilizing the ...

    Authors: Nadia N. Li and Wenchang Chu
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:224
  15. Ablowitz–Kaup–Newell–Segur (AKNS) linear spectral problem gives birth to many important nonlinear mathematical physics equations including nonlocal ones. This paper derives two fractional order AKNS hierarchie...

    Authors: Bo Xu, Yufeng Zhang and Sheng Zhang
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:223
  16. In this paper, we model the insurance company’s surplus by a compound Poisson risk model, where the surplus process can only be observed at random observation times. It is assumed that the insurer observes its...

    Authors: Wenguang Yu, Peng Guo, Qi Wang, Guofeng Guan, Yujuan Huang and Xinliang Yu
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:220
  17. In this paper, we study the comparison of fuzzy differential transform method (FDTM), fuzzy Adomian decomposition method (FADM), fuzzy homotopy perturbation method (FHPM), and fuzzy reduced differential transf...

    Authors: Mawia Osman, Zengtai Gong, Altyeb Mohammed Mustafa and Hong Yang
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:219
  18. The visual beauty reflects the practicability and superiority of design dependent on the fractal theory. Based on the applicability in practice, it shows that it is the completely feasible, self-comparability ...

    Authors: Yu-Ming Chu, Saima Rashid, Thabet Abdeljawad, Aasma Khalid and Humaira Kalsoom
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:218
  19. A swarming model is a model that describes the behavior of the social aggregation of a large group of animals or the community of humans. In this work, the swarming model that includes the short-range repulsio...

    Authors: Adsadang Himakalasa and Suttida Wongkaew
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:217
  20. A class of the boundary value problem is investigated in this research work to prove the existence of solutions for the neutral fractional differential inclusions of Katugampola fractional derivative which inv...

    Authors: Sina Etemad, Mohammed Said Souid, Benoumran Telli, Mohammed K. A. Kaabar and Shahram Rezapour
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:214
  21. In this article we examine the dynamical properties of the fractional version of the snap system by means of chaotic attractor, existence, and uniqueness of the solution, symmetry, dissipativity, stagnation po...

    Authors: Emad E. Mahmoud, Pushali Trikha, Lone Seth Jahanzaib, M. Higazy and Monagi H. Alkinani
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:211
  22. Fractional differential equations sufficiently depict the nature in view of the symmetry properties, which portray physical and biological models. In this paper, we present a proficient collocation method base...

    Authors: Muhammad Yaseen, Muhammad Abbas and Muhammad Bilal Riaz
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:210
  23. In this study, we investigate the global exponential stability of Clifford-valued neural network (NN) models with impulsive effects and time-varying delays. By taking impulsive effects into consideration, we f...

    Authors: G. Rajchakit, R. Sriraman, N. Boonsatit, P. Hammachukiattikul, C. P. Lim and P. Agarwal
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:208
  24. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the numerical solutions to two-dimensional forward backward stochastic differential equations(FBSDEs). Based on the Fourier cos-cos transform, the approximations of ...

    Authors: Xiaofei Li, Yi Wu, Quanxin Zhu, Songbo Hu and Chuan Qin
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:207
  25. In this work, we consider a fractional diffusion equation with nonlocal integral condition. We give a form of the mild solution under the expression of Fourier series which contains some Mittag-Leffler functio...

    Authors: Nguyen Hoang Tuan, Nguyen Anh Triet, Nguyen Hoang Luc and Nguyen Duc Phuong
    Citation: Advances in Difference Equations 2021 2021:204

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